Faith Direct

Giving is an expression of our discipleship. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to a spirit of generosity. As grateful stewards, we realize that all we are and all we have is gift. And with blessings comes responsibility. We share a common belief that we should return to the Lord a generous portion of what God has given to us.

What is Faith Direct automated giving?

There are different ways to give, but Faith Direct is the innovative solution that allows you to support our parish using electronic funds transfer from either a credit/debit card or bank account. It is a hassle-free, simple solution for today’s busy families.

Sign up by picking up an enrollment form from the parish office or click below to enroll online today! Our parish code is CA594.

How does Faith Direct work?

Faith Direct is a secure system that works directly with your bank or credit/debit card–much the same as other direct payments you may have set up for utility bills or mortgage payments.

When do transactions take place?

Transactions take place once per month on the 4th or 15th (or the next business day.) The total amount of your donations for the current month will be processed in one monthly transaction.

Can I stop, increase, or decrease my payment at any time?

Yes, by calling Faith Direct at 1-866-507-8757 (toll free), by emailing, or by logging in to your account online through or through Faith Direct’s iPhone App. 

How does St. John the Baptist benefit from my participation with Faith Direct?

Our church will see a substantial increase in net revenue, a decrease in administrative costs, and a clearer picture of cash flow for our needs.  When you give electronically, we’re also able to decrease the amount spent on printing and postage for the paper collection envelopes.

If you have any questions about the Faith Direct program, please call 1-866-507-8757 {toll free} or . Now, view your profile includingemail

To make a one time donation without signing up for an account – Click Here.

Easy Money for SJB—Ralph’s Rewards Cards 

In order to give SJB a contribution from all your Ralph’s grocery store purchases, register your Ralph’s REWARDs card online at You can use your existing card or if you do not have a Ralph’s REWARDS card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Ralph’s. Once you have your card, click on REGISTER and the CREATE an ACCOUNT. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to create an account. After you create your online account, link your account to SJB by editing the Community Rewards Information on your profile page. The number for SJB is 94678. Now, view your profile including your participating organization

Every time you swipe your registered Ralph’s REWARDS card when shopping, you will be donating to SJB. If you have a Ralph’s REWARDS card but don’t have a computer to register it and link it to SJB for the contributions. Please call Carol Reilly at 949-584-7032.

The quarterly contribution scale for purchases of eligible produce is:
1% earned on amount up to $200
2% earned on amount over $200
3% earned on amount over $350
4% earned on amount over $500

Thank you for your participation!